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Navigating the Data Analytics Bootcamp: Kamilla’s Journey and Essential Tips for Bootcamp Success

Hear from our Data Analytics Batch Manager, Kamilla! Kamilla's professional journey from Digital Marketing to Data Analytics led her to become a batch manager at Le Wagon where she also did her bootcamp in Data Science. She emphasizes the demanding yet rewarding nature of the Data Analytics bootcamp, encourages teamwork, and advises continuous practice for post-bootcamp success.

Can you share a bit about your background and professional journey that led you to become a Batch Manager at Le Wagon?

Before joining Le Wagon, I worked in Digital Marketing and then transitioned to Data Analytics and Visualization. Intrigued by the world of data, I decided to pursue the Data Science course after a friend’s recommendation. After the bootcamp, I took up teaching to stay in practice and improve my public speaking skills. While I love working with data, I also have a passion for people management so I wanted to try my hand at being a Batch Manager and contribute to the learning journey of future students.

What advice would you give to Data Analytics students before they start their bootcamp at Le Wagon?

Make sure that you understand this is fast-paced and demanding course that requires your full attention for the entire duration of the boot camp. It can be quite challenging as we need to cover a lot of material in just 9 weeks. However, it will be super rewarding and by the end you will get all the technical and business skills to launch a thriving career as a Data Analyst.

During the bootcamp, are there any common challenges that students face, and how are those challenges addressed?

In the beginning students can be rather competitive and try to solve challenges alone which is not what we aim for. We encourage teamwork, peer-to-peer learning and build business skills to thrive within collaborative Data teams. You start the bootcamp alone but you will finish as a member of a community!

Do you have one tip you give to your student that finish their bootcamp?

You are going to learn a lot in a very short time, but practice makes perfect. Keep on working the skills you acquired by starting a professional or personal project, participating in competitions or by becoming a teaching assistant at Le Wagon.

What do you find most rewarding about your role as a Batch Manager?

Seeing students first aha-moments, watch them work together as a team even know they barely know each other, and the feedback we get that they are really enjoying the atmosphere that we create and they are happy to come on campus every day.

Thank for your answers Kamilla, any last words?

If you have any doubts about joining the bootcamp just talk to our alumni!

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