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How Learning Data Science Boosted My Career

Upgrading your career can be a daunting task, but for one of our Le Wagon alumni, it was a decision that led to a fulfilling and successful new career path. Using her experience in Retail and Merchandising, discover how one of our alumni gave herself a career boost through learning Data Science.
Learning data is a life-changing experience that can open many doors for anyone looking to develop a career-boosting skill or make a career transition. This is what happened to one of our alumni, Priscilla, who had been working in retail and merchandising before deciding to take the plunge and enrol in our Data Science course.

“It was clear to me that getting an understanding of data science was an essential skill to have in the modern business climate.”

Before applying, Priscilla contacted the admissions team and was impressed by the support and information provided.

“They sent me pre-work to get an understanding of what challenges were going to be raised during the bootcamp.” After completing the bootcamp, she transitioned into data science and landed a job as a Machine Learning Product manager for the retail science team at ASOS.

“The bootcamp walks you through decision science, machine learning, deep learning, and data engineering. It is a very efficient way to get a thorough understanding of what data science and AI can bring to a business, but also the bootcamp opens many different doors.”

For her final project, Priscilla and her team developed a machine learning model that could predict the success of movies, which would help the company decide whether or not to invest in streaming that content.


Priscilla and fellow Data Science Students on Demo Day

The Data Science bootcamp covers various topics, including decision science, machine learning, deep learning, and ML engineering. Additionally, the bootcamp opens many different doors, as alumni have gone on to become data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers.
One of the most rewarding parts of the bootcamp for her was applying what she had learned in a real-world setting. She developed the ability to demystify data science jargon and use it in her day-to-day work as a product manager.

“It helped me to gain a thorough understanding of data science, how machine learning models are built and what is required for them to be impacting businesses efficiently. This enables me to act as the project manager role within the retail science team at ASOS and be the liaison between the retail science team and the pricing and commercial team.”

Le Wagon not only provides technical skills, we foster a growing community of ambitious and passionate individuals, opening many doors for career opportunities and lifelong support.


Le Wagon Students Celebrating Graduation

“I’m actually working with an alumni now at ASOS. I reached out to the alumni who had spoken during an alumni stand up and they guided me through the recruitment process.”

“During the bootcamp we really all become friends, all become coworkers and hopefully we’ll keep that relationship going on for a long time. I would definitely not be where I am today without the support of the Le Wagon community.”

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