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Reinventing your career with a bootcamp: Anaïs’ story

Anaïs' transition from Category Manager to Product Owner showcases her passion for learning, as she leverages Le Wagon bootcamp to acquire technical skills, facilitating her successful shift into the tech industry and her role at Mirego, exemplifying the power of training and commitment in career reinvention.
L'histoire d'Anaïs

Reinventing your career with a bootcamp: Anaïs’ story

Anaïs’ career path, specifically her transition from Category Manager to Product Owner, reflects her passion for learning and her constant desire to surpass herself.

Before entering the world of web development, Anaïs was a Category Manager at Lufa Farms. Her role primarily focused on data analysis to determine industry and consumer trends, as well as developing long-term development strategies for the relevant product categories. This experience enabled her to develop an in-depth understanding of the market and consumer needs, invaluable assets in the world of tech and startups.

However, despite her success in her field, Anaïs longed for a different future. She wanted to acquire technical skills to make a greater impact in the e-commerce field. “I wanted to understand how it all worked,” she explains. That’s why she decided to turn to web development.


Choosing Le Wagon

The choice of Le Wagon bootcamp was obvious for Anaïs. Having witnessed the positive results with her partner, who had completed the program a few years earlier, she was convinced it was the right choice. Furthermore, the in-person aspect of the classes was crucial for her, providing an environment conducive to learning and interaction.

During her bootcamp experience, Anaïs was impressed by the quality of support she received. “I was superbly accompanied throughout the program,” she remarked.

“The program was intense, but I was expecting that. Above all, I loved the 100% immersive aspect of the courses. You really give it your all, and that makes a difference. It was enjoyable to share all this with other people who were equally involved. We were a good batch for it!”


A thoughtful approach to finding a job

After successfully completing the bootcamp, Anaïs embarked on an active job search.

She took a pragmatic approach, applying for developer positions, not solely because she was aiming for them, but to test her newly acquired skills. Simultaneously, Anaïs pursued Product Owner positions, her ultimate goal.

“Above all, I kept practicing and learning,” she adds. 

Attending the bootcamp compensated for her lack of experience in the field. “It helped me stand out and demonstrated that I could learn and adapt quickly.”

Anaïs encourages candidates to take a proactive approach to their job search. “Research the companies that interest you and actively seek out opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations,” she advises.

A successful transition

Anaïs has achieved her goal of becoming a Product Owner at Mirego. In this new role, she leverages her web development skills to collaborate effectively with technical teams and bring innovative projects to fruition. “Basically, I don’t code on a daily basis. However, the skills I’ve acquired enable me to better understand how my teams work, identify their challenges, and provide assistance when needed.”

Anaïs’ journey is an inspiring testament to determination and a passion for learning.

Her successful transition from category management to product management is a concrete example of how training and commitment can open new doors and create exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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