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Le Wagon Tokyo x Back market

Le Wagon Tokyo partners with Back Market Japan to provide sustainable laptops for bootcamp students

Interested in joining our Web Development or Data Science bootcamps? Check out 5 financing options…

Le Wagon on new rails!

Le Wagon on New Rails!

Big news at Le Wagon! Boris Paillard is stepping into the role of Executive Chairman,…

Enhancing education: Make and Webflow partner with Le Wagon

No-code tools are game-changers, enabling people to build applications and automate processes without extensive coding…

Innovative Education: Le Wagon teams up with HubSpot

Le Wagon 10th anniversary cake

Le Wagon: 10 years in 10 figures

Join us in celebrating Le Wagon's remarkable journey as we mark our 10th anniversary! Over…

Training developers to build AI products & lead the AI revolution in Europe

Le Wagon celebrates 10 years of their software development bootcamp by integrating AI into the…

How to Join Le Wagon Germany’s Bootcamps for Free!

From public funding covering 100% of tuition fees, to upfront payment discounts, pay-as-you-learn with Alma,…

Speak & Code Academy by Le Wagon

Empowering tech careers in Germany with the Speak & Code Academy

As the 4th cohort of the Speak & Code Academy approaches this summer, the program…

Get into tech and speak Dutch with the Speak & Tech Academy

Speak & Tech Academy: Launch your Dutch tech career in 7 months

This innovative program combines intensive tech training with comprehensive Dutch language learning, empowering residents of…

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