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why have Ruby on rails in our bootcamp?

Welcome, developers! If you're on the lookout for a beginner-friendly programming language and a robust framework, you're in the right place. Ruby on Rails (often just called "Rails") is a complete guide to web application development, and in this article, we'll explore its benefits, uses, and opportunities.

What is Ruby on Rails?

At its core, Ruby on Rails is an application framework that provides a structure for database-backed web applications. Developed by David Heinemeier Hanson, Rails embraces the convention over configuration principle, making it easier for developers to dive into coding without getting bogged down by routine tasks. Thanks to its full-stack framework, developers can manage both frontend (user interface) and backend programming with ease.

Is Ruby on Rails Good for Beginners?

Ruby on Rails is great for beginners. Its Ruby-based syntax is clear and easy to understand, allowing new developers to focus on learning coding concepts without being overwhelmed. Rails has well-defined conventions and a supportive community, providing a structured learning environment. The framework’s comprehensive tools and scaffolding features help beginners quickly build web applications, making the learning process smoother and more engaging. Overall, Ruby on Rails offers an accessible entry point for those new to web development.

Why Should You Start Learning Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails stands out for its simplicity and intuitiveness. For those new to the coding world, Ruby’s syntax is more readable than many other languages. Here’s why you should consider diving into Rails:

  • Object-oriented programming: Ruby is inherently object-oriented, promoting better design patterns and cleaner code.
  • Strong Community Support: With a vibrant community of developers, including seasoned experts and enthusiastic beginners, resources like Rails Girls and Ruby Flow offer in-depth tutorials and blog articles to aid your learning.
  • Emphasis on Convention: The Rails framework reduces the need for lengthy configuration files, streamlining the development process.

With a firm emphasis on convention over configuration, Rails simplifies many tasks, allowing developers to focus on writing beautiful code. Moreover, Rails is backed by an expansive community of developers who consistently contribute to open-source projects and provide valuable resources for everyone, including complete beginners.


Job Opportunities with Ruby on Rails Mastery

Mastering Ruby on Rails can open opportunities in the tech industry. From junior developer roles to positions like project manager, the demand for Rails proficiency is evident. Companies like Airbnb and Github rely heavily on Rails, but beyond these giants, numerous other firms, big and small, trust this framework for their tech solutions.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Ruby?

The time to master Ruby largely depends on one’s prior programming experience. Complete beginners might require a few months of consistent study, but with resources like Le Wagon and video tutorials, the journey is made more accessible. Moreover, hands-on coding accelerates the learning process.


Why Do We Teach Ruby on Rails in Our Web Development Bootcamp?

Our bootcamp, Le Wagon, is driven by purposeful coding. We see Rails as a tool that swiftly translates ideas into products. By emphasising ‘building and creating’, Rails, with its efficient framework, ensures our students roll out features swiftly. Its simplicity, coupled with its compatibility with modern technologies like React, ensures students stay updated with current technologies.

More than just a technical skill, we aim to inculcate a love for coding and problem-solving. Want to know more ? have a look at our web developer bootcamp.


How is Ruby Compared to other programming languages in web development?

In terms of usability, Ruby is renowned for its intuitive syntax. Many consider it more approachable than languages such as Java or C++. The development environment provided by Rails ensures a streamlined experience, lowering barriers for novice web developers. Nonetheless, as with all languages, mastering Ruby necessitates commitment and consistent practice.



Ruby on Rails, with its innovative programming framework, offers a promising start for those looking to venture into the 21st-century tech landscape. Its emphasis on clean, beautiful code, combined with a supportive developer community, makes it a top choice for budding web developers.

Considering a career change or just looking to upskill? Dive deep into Ruby on Rails with us! Join our web development bootcamp and elevate your tech journey.

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