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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL

A skill you can't afford to overlook. Discover why SQL is important for learning data…

What is a Machine Learning algorithm?

When we talk about Machine Learning, what are we really talking about? This technology is…

What programming language should you learn? Check this out.

in this article, I won't give you yet another top 10. Instead, I hope I…

What are APIs and why are they so useful?

Have you ever made a payment with PayPal, asked Alexa for the weather or logged…

Why we choose to teach Ruby on Rails in 2020

Is it worth making it the core framework of our web development Bootcamp, considering that…

5 steps to build your first landing page

Are you looking to build your first landing page but don’t know where to start?…

Rails Doctrine

Learn about Ruby on Rails and the history around this powerful open source framework.

“Why learning to code is key for Semetis employees?”

After Le Wagon, you can decide to become a Full-stack developer, or you can decide…

Tools to Stay Ahead of the Game

How do you keep your skillset relevant in today's job market? Do you seek out…

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